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7 Reasons to Invest on a Southwest Florida Home this Year

7 Reasons to Invest on a Southwest Florida Home this Year

When considering a residential move, buying a home in Southwest Florida may be worth looking into. If you are a snowbird, or if you would like a change of scenery and live somewhere relaxing but still close to all the comforts of the city, buying a home in Southwest Florida may be just the thing for you! Here are seven reasons why you’ll benefit from investing on a Southwest Florida property:

  • Close to the beach – If you love living near a beach, living in Southwest Florida would be a great setup. Southwest Florida sits on the southwest gulf coast of Florida, and this gives homeowners in the area great access to beautiful, azure beaches and some fun in the sand and sun.
  • Travel-friendly – For those who travel a lot and are concerned with accessibility, you won’t have a hard time residing in Southwest Florida since it is served by the Southwest Florida International Airport which offers European flights, flights to Canada, and flights to 36 other domestic airports. Buying a home in Southwest Florida is also convenient even when you’re traveling on the road because several major highways are nearby.
  • Better opportunities to own versus rent – Say you have business in Southwest Florida and you need to stay a few months, or you’ve been assigned to this area. Owning a home is much cheaper than renting, so it would be a wise decision to invest on your own property instead.
  • No rush selection process – Especially during the summer, buying a home in Southwest Florida can be a fun process because the summer months are generally considered a leisurely time in their real estate scene. Their real estate market is busiest around May and September, and summer is the friendliest time to enjoy looking for property.
  • Low property prices – Those who put properties up for sale during the summer months have these properties at lower prices so they can sell it much faster. The sellers will be competing for your attention, and this result in lower prices which are of course to your benefit.
  • Low interest rates – This is a generally observed trend in the recent years, and it applies to Southwest Florida areas as well. Interest rates for properties have been low in recent years, and with the already low price ranges of Southwest Florida homes, you can manage your finances better when given great deals with agreeable interest rates.
  • Convenient location – Smaller properties can be as low as $150,000 even when you’re in the more populous areas of Cape Coral or Lee County. Homes which are in need of some repair can come at lower prices and by practicing some nifty DIY tactics, you can work your way around the property’s repair needs.

With these reasons, those who are looking to make a move to Southwest Florida can have a better idea of what to expect. Consider the advised times to go looking for properties and you won’t regret looking around for homes in the area.

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